Welcome to the North American Energy Advisory Partner Portal

For the past 18 years, the North American Energy Advisory has been one of the most influential procurement advisory firms in the United States. Now, NAEA has created a partner program to allow talented energy professionals across the country to leverage our strategic energy partners, expertise and training to help you find the best available options for your valuable clients.

By partnering with NAEA you will have hundreds of vendors compete for all facets of your clients’ energy needs.

For electricity and natural gas procurement needs, you will have access to over 50 of the top energy providers in the United States. In addition, our commodities expert will provide you a weekly report containing current and historical market data to help educate your clients on what is transpiring on the energy landscape. For solar or renewable requests, NAEA has forged a partnership to create a platform with over 300 solar installers across the country. This allows NAEA to take the same approach for solar power as we do for electricity and gas procurement by offering multiple bids for customers so they can find the best available solutions. If your clients are interested in demand Response, energy efficiency or onsite generation, NAEA has qualified partners to provide you with the best solutions.

Ease of Doing Business

We have created this online portal to allow our representatives the ability to walk into any business, or market by phone and provide consumers with multiple options that are executable instantly. This takes away the waiting period that can cool off a hot prospect. That means you can generate an agreement and get it
in the customer’s hands in minutes, not hours. We provide full training on how to utilize this tool to get you closing deals quicker.


North American Energy Advisory has the highest commission split for outside sales reps in the industry. We have many compensation plans that pay as much as half the contract margin upfront. We strive to maintain our position of offering the most competitive compensation in the industry to our representatives. This allows you to focus on closing business, with the peace of mind that you will be paid fairly, and on time.

  • Access to all the tools and energy providers to help control energy costs.
  • Highest commissions in the industry.
  • Solar platform to obtain multiple competitive quotes.
  • Training for multiple energy related fields.
  • Ease of process: partner portal to access pricing immediately.
  • No cost to take part in this growing opportunity.

North American Energy Advisory (NAEA) is one of the oldest energy management firms in the United States with a track record of consulting Commercial and Industrial customers to form an energy strategy to minimize energy costs. Our risk management approach allows us to balance clients desire for short term savings, with their need to manage risk long term.
The deregulation of electricity and natural gas in select states has opened opportunities for Independent Energy Sales Agents. By partnering with NAEA, you will obtain access to a vast network of energy suppliers that will allow you to offer your prospective customers a variety of products and pricing in their select markets.


To find out more about how teaming with North American Energy Advisory can help you achieve your goals, please enter your information in the contact form to speak with one of our executives.