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North American Energy Advisory, a CASA Inc company, represents the largest independent energy suppliers (“ESCOs”) in the United States. We specialize in commercial and industrial energy management. Our team of expert energy consultants continuously monitor the energy markets allowing you to receive the most competitive electricity and natural gas pricing in your area.

We are one of the oldest energy management firms in the United States with a track record of placing over 125,000 energy customers for both electricity and natural gas. Navigating the energy landscape can be confusing for the uninformed and our role as consultants is to make sure your decisions are based on historical facts, not hype or fear. We have been helping energy customers since 1999 save millions of dollars on their natural gas and electricity bills.

 * North American Energy Advisors is a DBA of Customer Acquisition Specialists of America, or CASA, Inc.
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No one wants surprises in their contract. However, most businesses do not know exactly what to look for when reviewing differing price options and supplier terms and conditions.

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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency refers to products or systems using less energy to do the same or better job than conventional systems.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

How does Solar become electricity? Here’s an overview of the solar energy facts that are available to you and your business.

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Energy Independence

The Public Utility Commission in each deregulated state runs a Customer Choice Program giving consumers a choice.

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