North American Energy Advisory* (NAEA) is one of the oldest energy management firms in the United States with a track record of consulting commercial and Industrial customers to form an energy strategy to minimize energy costs. Our risk management approach allows us to balance your organizations desire for short term savings, with your need to manage risk long term.

Our advisory services encompass all aspects needed to provide clients assurance that they are not wasting money on energy. From market analysis to customer relations, NAEA has the solutions to assist any size business succeed in creating, and implementing an energy strategy that save them money and time, all while helping their organization run more efficiently.

In addition to finding solutions for electricity and natural gas, we also identify onsite generation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency products that fit the way consumers use energy.

In business, no two companies are the same. That is why NAEA creates an energy strategy based on the individual goals and objectives for your business to ensure your energy plan is tailored specifically to your organization’s needs.

Our network of suppliers, vendors and contractors span all of North America. The strength of our relationships ensure we can always find the proper fit for any consumer’s energy needs.

Here are some of the services we can help with:

  • Procurement: Identifying current (if any) contractual obligations as to obtain pricing to take advantage of the recent low in the energy market for both electricity and natural gas
  • Consumer Education: Providing the specific data needed for consumers to understand their energy needs, and to make educated decisions for them.
  • Curtailment Solutions: From demand response, to lighting solutions to sensors and controls
  • Contract Negotiations: Finding agreement language that is flexible to grow with your business
  • Renewable Energy: No out of pocket costs to implement green solutions that reduce overall spend
  • Energy Efficiency: Benchmarking, preventative maintenance, and power factor correction
  • Affinity Programs: Community Outreach programs that help those in need, while reducing cost for employees, members, friends and family.
 * North American Energy Advisors is a DBA of Customer Acquisition Specialists of America, or CASA, Inc.

Energy Solutions

We will do all the legwork to find the right options regarding all your energy needs.

Risk Management

We build a strategy that is based on your individual goals and objectives to ensure your energy plan is tailored specifically to your needs.

Green and Efficient

With technology changing every day, there are new, cutting-edge options that can control our clients’ energy budgets.

Timing is Everything

From understanding market movement to identifying sweet spots, we help you pinpoint the right time to hedge.

 Market intelligence

Our energy advisor team’s vast market knowledge and dedication to detail provides a comfort level for our clients.

Customer Care

We are a continual resource for your organization with anything that is needed during your energy supplier term.

Here are a few of our key suppliers

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Nathaniel Hawthorne

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.

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