Commercial Solar Services

Is it Time for Your Organization to go Solar?

Solar is one of the least expensive ways to generate electricity.
The cost of panels have plummeted over the last several years.
Systems cost significantly less than even 1 year ago.

  • Solar can be roof mounted, ground mounted or made into carports and covered areas.
  • Lower your energy costs immediately
  • Adds value to any facility as a capital improvement
  • PR Value- Reducing your companies carbon footprint shows both corporate and social responsibility.
  • Protect against rate increases
  • Long-Term Reliability
  • Fast ROI

Take advantage of NAEA’s multi-quote platform where top suppliers compete for your business.


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We are utility experts. Our new program provides your business direct access to the highest rated and lowest cost solar manufacturers and installers.

Through our multiple quote competitive process we ensure you will get the absolute best value. This is a free process to really satisfy your questions about solar. We do a simple energy analysis for you and a preliminary system design to get you a ballpark estimate of cost and financing options. Our courteous staff will make sure you fully understand the details and benefits that your company can now take advantage of.

You are Smart for looking at Solar
and your energy use now!


Start Down The Better Path…

Most people and businesses just keep paying the bill and never question why they are stuck in the ever increasing utility bill trap. Your electric utility usually leaves you with no choice that is why it’s called a monopoly.

Only deregulated states offer any choice and North American Energy Advisory has been helping customers in those states for almost 20 years. Our customers have saved millions by letting us find them the BEST VALUE. We can now help every business in America that has good sun exposure and either a roof or an area to install solar.

Let us help you choose the best way to be independent of the monopoly you have be subjected to. The great thing is that we will save you money or why would you change?

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